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Lash Boutiques uses state of the art eyelash products.

We proudly use LiquiFan Lashes as our eyelash extension system. LiquiFan Lashes is a PATENTED system that was created by one of our owners. It has a unique, instant cure adhesive system that makes your eyelash extensions stronger. There is also no need to wait to get your eyelash extensions wet!

Lash Lift: $60

The “Lash Lift” is an eyelash procedure that curls, lifts and shapes natural lashes. Your lashes are extended upwards from root to tip to create a longer, lifted appearance that opens up the eyes.

The “lift” lasts up 8 weeks and can be done in conjunction with the use of eyelash growth products and tinting.


Lash Tint: $25

An eyelash tint consists of adding a special dye to your eyelashes, giving you weeks of dark, full lashes without the assistance of mascara. A professional technician applies the dye to your lashes while you keep your eyes closed for about 10 minutes. You can tint shades of black or brown.

Lash Lift and Tint: $80

The above processes combined to create a more intense lash line.


Full sets:

We want you to experience eyelash extensions and the benefits they add to your daily look. They also ease your morning routine by allowing you to simply open your eyes every morning to a makeup look.

We have 5 levels of lash artists based on their time and experience with us.

As a courtesy, our full set price is the same for all eyelash extension artists. They take anywhere from 90-120 minutes to complete. Upgrades are available at your full set appointment and are level based.

Classic: $250/300/350 Now $150

Eyelash extensions are added to your natural lashes that have grown in to maturity with a one to one ratio. This adds classic eyelash extension volume and length.

Hybrid: $175+

Classic lashing with a twist. Based on desired design additional extensions are safely applied to roughly 50% of your extensions to create more volume. This look creates lash “fans” within your lash line.

Volume: $200+

*Full on volume fan lashing through 80%+ of your lash line. A Volume full set gives you the fullest most glamorous lash design achievable for your natural lash line.

*Some of the natural lashes may require a single extension rather than a fan. This is based on the lash artists consideration of each natural lash as they move through your design. The optimal desired effect for this style of lashing is extreme fullness while still maintaining a safe design for your lash line.

Lash Fills

Lash fills are needed because of your lash cycle. Your natural lashes have a growth cycle of 60-120 days. This explains why you are losing eyelash extensions and needing them replenished. Some people may lose extensions faster than others depending on their natural growth cycle and their daily routine. Each eyelash extension experience is individual, just like your natural lash line.

Classic: $50-$55-$60-$65-$70

45-60 min

Hybrid: $60- $65-$70-$75

45-60 min

Volume: $75 levels 1 and 2

90 min

Volume: $85 levels 3,4 and 5

90 min


Mini Fill of Classic: $40

A mini fill is a service designed for “catching up” or adding MORE extensions to your lash line before an event. This service is NOT intended for regular maintenance.

Mini Fill Hybrid/Volume: $45

Same as above with Hybrid and or Volume lashing.



We know schedules get crazy. This option is best when has it been 3+ weeks since your last fill. If you have less than 50% of your extensions left or have gone past 4 weeks between fills we may ask that you make an additional appointment to “catch up” with your design.

Classic :  $75 – level 1&2  –  $85 level  3-4-5

Hybrid: $85- level 1&2 ,  $105 3-4-5

Volume: $95 level 1&2    $110  3-4-5

Lash tint with a lash fill: +20

A lash tint procedure is done prior to your lash fill. This service will add 30 minutes to your appointment. Typically it is done every 4-6 weeks.


Lash Removal: based on consultation

Lash Removal with Full set: free