All initial Microblade appointments require a $100 deposit to reserve your appointment time.



Microblade + 1 Complimentary Touch-Up – $500.00  (2 Hour Booking Time) – $100 deposit required 

Touch-Up within the year  – $100 (1.5 Hour Booking Time)

1 year perfection touch-up  – $250 ( 1.5 Hour Booking Time)

New Client touch-up – $150.00 ( this is for clients that did not receive initial  microblade session with us )

48 hours before your appointment, you must not drink any alcohol, or take any blood-thinning medications. (i.e. Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, etc.) If you are prescribed blood thinning medications, consult your physician before making an appointment.


Post Care

Ointment: Vaseline, Aquaphor, Bag Balm, A&D, Burt’s Bees Non-Petroleum. (Other ointments may not yield the results.)

7 day care:

  • Your Permanent Cosmetics is an open sore until healed. Please ensure you are using a newly purchased ointment, and apply with washed hands, or a clean Q-tip.
  • Apply ointment 5-7 times per day, and at least once before going to bed. Do not let the area dry out. If the area dries out, your body will create a scab that will pull the pigment out of your skin.
  • Keep water off the treated area, as it will cause the color to fall off prematurely. (Tip your head back in the shower and use a washcloth to cleanse face.)
  • Feel free to wipe area with a damp warm washcloth ONLY the first night and morning after to wipe away your body’s natural lymph fluid. Re-apply a clean layer of ointment.



The area may begin to itch day 5-7, this is a normal healing response. Apply ointment firmly in one direction, or tap the area with your finger to help alleviate annoyance.

The area should not flake off until day 6 or 7; if this occurs earlier, this indicates that the area was not kept moist enough.

Once the top layer of you cosmetics begins to peel, the color will look very light. This is similar to when a scab peels off your skin and the skin is light underneath. After a week or so it will start to return to its natural skin color. Your cosmetics will darken by day 14-30, so please be patient. you should have a good idea the degree of coverage and color by day 30.

Touch-Ups cannot be done any earlier than 4-6 weeks after the original procedure.

Every person’s skin will respond differently. Some will only require 1 procedure, but on average, permanent cosmetics requires a 2nd “coat” to seal and even any color, which has healed out.

                     Before and After 

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                  Before and After 

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