Permanent Makeup Services

Full Brows
(Includes hair strokes.)
Partial Brows  $250
Upper Eyeliner  $350
Lower Eyeliner  $250
Full Eyeliner  $450
French Eye Upper
(Done with white, pearl or gold.)
French Eye Lower
(Done with white, pearl or gold.)
Highlight  $250
Lash Enhancement  $200
Perm. Makeup Color Add-on  $50
Beauty Mark  $50
Lip Liner  $350
Full Lip Fill  $500
Tridimensional Lips  $550/$600
Camouflage  $150/$185
Perm Makeup Correction  by consult
Perm Makeup Patch-test  $50+
Perm Makeup Touch-up
(Depening on procedure and time.)
 *A patch test is recommended. Only 18 years and older please. Permanent Makeup Services at Lash Boutique Brookfield are by appointment and are performed by Laura E Ruiz LE, Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor



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