Lash Packages

Lash Packages for 45-60 minute Lash Fills
(Refills must be used on a twice-a-month basis, Unused Lash fills do not transfer into the next month.)
 3 months (6 fills)  $276
 6 months (12 fills)  $540
 12 months (24 fills)  $1056
 Weekly Lash Lovers 45 minute appointment
(Purchase this on a monthly basis, one 45 minute lash fill per week. Unused Weekly lash fills do not transfer outside the month they are purchased for.)
 1 month  $180
 Lash Add-ons
 Glitter Lashes
(5-10 Lashes per eye.)
 Eyelash Gems
(Per gem.)
 Lash Boutique False Lashes  $25
 Party Lashes (Flare Lashes)  $40


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