Eyelash Extensions


During your full set or lash fill we will provide you with as many lashes as possible within your appointment time. We do not charge per lash. Natural eyelashes shed at a rate of 1-5 lashes per day and new growth occurs naturally every day. The number of eyelash extensions applied depends on how many adult, natural eyelashes you have available. Our commitment is to providing you with the lash design you desire. Eyelash extensions are safe to wear providing your lash artist is taught to correctly apply eyelash extensions. Lash Boutique artists take an in-depth, comprehensive training to provide you with safe, beautiful, plentiful eyelash extensions.

 Full Set $250
 Partial Set

(Requires mini-fills or an upgrade to full set if you want more plentiful eyelash extensions.)

 LiquiFan Lashes Lite Full Set

(This option is great for women that want the look a lash growth stimulator can give them. Choose from dark brown or black lashes with a clear adhesive. This look is great with just a bit of length added also.)

 Mini Fill (30 min)

(For a little extra GLAM for a special occasion!)

 Fill (45-60 min)  $50
 Extended Fill (75-90 min)  $75
 BFF Lash Full Sets (You and a friend)

(Price is per person.)


(Yes men like them too! Guy-lashes are black or brown lashes, with clear adhesive; A very complimentary, subtle look that will shed undetectably with your natural lashes.)


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